About us

By the expert hands of pasta makers Saporsano born.
The new brand of gluten free pasta that gives everyone the right to eating with relish. A proper mixture of corn and rice flour for a perfect pasta for gluten intolerant. Special formats such as paccheri, calamarata, fusilloni but also penne rigate, sedanini and caserecce are just some of the varieties that Saporsano offers to all those who, celiac or not, they want to savor the taste of healthy eating.

Saporsano. Live gluten free.

Guaranteed quality

Saporsano ensures a high quality product and excellent cooking resistance.

The company is certified "gluten-free" and authorized by the Ministry of Health for the production of dietetic products (Legislative Decree no. 111 of 1992). The company also has the Kosher certification

The products are also guaranteed by the Italian Celiac Association.

Based on rigorous quality standards, including on production and packaging procedures.

Our packaging with exclusive zipper

Gluten free products

Our shapes of pasta

Calamarata, Caserecce, Conchiglie rigate, Fusilli, Gemelli, Maccheroncini rigati, Paccheri rigati, Sedanini, Fusilloni, Paccheri, Calamarata rigata, Penne rigate
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